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About Questelo

We deliver adventures around you through competitive outdoor, indoor and online puzzle solving games including game shows, puzzle boxes and print and play escape room games

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Virtual escape rooms and exploration, quizzes, riddles, puzzles and story driven adventures played entirely online

Explore Online


Outdoor and indoor adventures, scavenger hunts, city escape, exploration and competition games played in the real world

Explore Events


Do it yourself, print and play at home adventures. Manuals with all the puzzles, illustrations and instructions on how to build an escape room experience or competition event for your friends and family

Explore Kits


Experience escape room adventure at your home from a box mailed straight to your doorstep. You will need to solve puzzles, unlock locks and escape to win the game

Explore Boxes


Collection of virtual puzzles, riddles and other brain teasers to feed your hungry brain

Explore Challenges


Enjoy puzzle solving competitions straight from your couch with your friends and family for any game night

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