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How to play Questelo?

From the games list you can find various free or paid games you would like to play. Enter game for free or follow payment instructions. You can play solo or share code with others and form a team.



What type of games are there?

We have six types of games - event, onlinekit, box, challenge or show You choose what kind of adventure you want!



What is coordination?

Games can be coordinated or not. Coordinated means that game will be run by at specified time by organizers who will take care of you and somehow interact with you during the game. New teams cannot enter coordinated game once it starts. Not coordinated means that there will be no one to look out for you and can be played at any time. 



What is an event and how to play it?

Event is an active game which takes place in the real world. You will have to arrive at the starting location of the game at the specified time or any time if the game is not coordinated. In these games you will have to look for codes and clues in the real world to solve various puzzles or even to deal with real life objects called artifacts to get the coordinates of the next level. You will have to move from one point to another by transport recommended like cars, bikes or just by foot. Puzzles and hints will be presented online in the platform, by organizers or just left in the real world. Usually after solving the puzzle and arriving at the specified destination you should look for the location code (if level requires it) or just send your location. This will finish your current level and will let you proceed to the next one in this area. The location code should be easy to find usually next to the main entrance or somewhere nearby. Only then you can enter the area and play that level.


What is a kit?

Kit is a - do it yourself - document with all the graphics, puzzles and instructions on how to build an escape room or similar type of experience in your own apartment or anywhere else for your friends. They are very well written and easy to understand for all people.  



How to play online games?

You will play online games from the comfort of your home. Usually these games are not coordinated and can be played at any time. You will get various puzzles and hints to help you solve them. Once you know the answer, enter the code and you are ready for the next mysterious puzzle to solve. Also, team up with your friends by using any video calling app or sit close to each other to have a much more memorable experience.



Enter game

Once you enter game you will be redirected to the game lobby where you will able to invite teammates, connect trough video calling app and glance trough game information. Once everybody is ready you will be able to start game from there.




At the top of the screen you will see buttons to open menu at the left and statistics on the right. On the left side of the screen you will see game, team and progress information.

On the right side of the screen you will see full game statistics and user information.

At the bottom of the screen you will see progress area where you enter codes.

In the center of the screen you will see warnings, level description, hints, pass information, requirements, penalties and history of actions.




The progress button fills more green each time requirement is fulfilled. When all required requirements are fulfilled it starts blinking green and turns into an arrow. It means that level is complete and you can proceed to the next one by clicking it. If you want to enter the rest of the optional codes simply type the code normally and the button will change to act as a normal progress button. If the button is blinking green but has an unlocked lock symbol on it that means that Pass is available and can be used at anytime.



Pass will become available in some levels after longer time. Progress button turns into an unlocked lock and starts blinking green. You will be transfered to the next level once you click it. Autopass is the same as Pass except it will automatically transfer you to the next level once timer runs out. Also, some introduction or story levels could only be completed with Pass.




Hints appear after set period of time when you start a new level. They will help you to solve the main puzzle. When you are stuck, just relax and wait for the next hint to appear.




Some levels features bonus codes which grants you time bonuses. Once you find the bonus code you will decrease your competition time in the overall stats.




Warnings appear above level description in red to inform you about the dangers in the current level. Please always read and obey them.




Some levels will penalize you for entering the wrong code. There will be an indication in the warnings section and on the progressor as well. Organizators can also penalize you for misbehaving and not following the rules.




Your team can get various rewards for participating in extra events or following organizators rules. They act like bonuses and  decrease your competition time in overall stats. 




Some levels instead of entering codes will requires you to send your location. Keep in mind that you will need to grant the permission to use your location while playing these levels. If you have any location issues please go trough this help location section.



At the history list you can see all of your team's entries. You can track what worked and what not.




Coordinates are the sequence of numbers which marks the exact spot in the world. For example 54.89893, 23.88546 - marks the Kaunas Castle. You will get similar coordinates to navigate in the game by solving puzzles. Use Google Maps application to guide you.



Code prefix

Letter Q followed by the game number is called a prefix (like Q8). Usually only event games could have a prefix. Code like Q8BANANA will have a prefix Q8 and code itself will be BANANA. It is used to distinguish codes from previous games inside the same area. Bonus codes will have a similar prefix - QB and look like QB8FRUIT. You can enter the code with a prefix or without it. System will accept both versions of the code. Q8BANANA - is accepted, BANANA - is accepted but BANANAQ8 - is not accepted.



Code variantions

All codes can be entered in many different ways. All non-alphanumerical symbols, spaces and Lithuanian alphabet are all optional. Also ambersand "&" symbol can be treated as "AND". Both versions will work. So the code like "HELLO!@#$" will be the same as "HELLO" and will be accepted. Apostrophes like "Madam's" will be treated as "Madams" and will work.



Confirms / Anticonfirms

Sometimes games will features unique symbols painted on the walls to inform players which parts of the level area are playable and which are not playable. For example, if the level is huge then organizers could put confirms on the entries (usually next to the doors) where you should go and anticonfirms - where you should not go.




Replay is not available and not tolerated. All games, except kits, can be played only once for each account due to the nature of puzzles and competition. System automatically checks for replays and disqualifies those teams.




Some games will have pauses between levels. Time will be stoppped and you can exit and reenter game as you pleased as many times as you want. Pauses will be marked on the game progress line as dashes.




After being 24 hours in any level your team will be automatically disqualified.



Disabled levels

Levels marked in red are disabled. Time will be stopped and you can be there as long as it needed but no more than cleanup time. Sometimes levels can become disabled during mid-game because of some problems with the environment or the law. If this happens then time spent in that level will be removed and competition stats will be calculated without it. Also level description could change to guide you trough the level.




Each time you enter correct code or bonus you will earn experience points. Each following level will require more experience to level up. You divide experience among all teammates. More teammates means less experience for you. Each level will grant you different amount of experience based on its difficulty, multiplier and codes amount. Timing is not important when earning experience.




Almost any game can be played with friends. If you play alone you will still need to create a team and play as a team of one player. Each user can have its own team and join other teams without any restrictions.  We recommend to play together with other people using any video calling app or sitting next to each other.




You can play Questelo easily without any need of account or registration. However, only signuped users can use unique username and profile image and be distinguished from other players. Also they can claim team name and email. After that, no one else can use it in games except you. You can easily transfer all data from your local user to your signuped one by following the instructions on transfering procedure.




All dates in the system are based on your current timezone. If you change your timezone while still connected to the system, the time will update in one hour.




Do not follow other teams. Because if you do, you eventually will get stuck. You will not be able to continue without finishing the level before. Such teams will be disqualified.

Do not break or hide anything game related. It is very easy to find out which team is responsible for this. Such teams will be disqualified.


Do not share codes or inform other teams what lays ahead. Do not ruin experience for others. Such teams will be  disqualified.


Do inform organizers if you quit the coordinated game before it ends. So that organizers would know that they should not wait for you.


Follow the rules of the road, park car only where it is allowed and carry some sort of reflector. We are not responsible for the security and health of a team members, tools, a transport and anything else during or after the game. Such teams will be penalized.


Do not draw unnesessary attention. Do not spoil the locations of the codes for the other teams. Be quiet and do not flash lights into peoples' windows. Such teams will be penalized.


Games cannot be paused on your own. Once you start it, time will not stop until you finish the last puzzle. However, many games will have pauses between levels.