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4.99 €
4.99 €



Make your Christmas stand out with this escape room type game in your own apartment. Turn your entire apartment into a scavenger hunt for the presents with this print at home escape room kit. Grant the unique experience for your family.



Once your players open the Christmas presents box they will find no presents but instead a letter from Santa. Santa’s letter will explain that this time instead of putting presents under the tree he has put clues around the room and you will need to find and solve them to get your Christmas presents.



The game is easy to set up in a regular room in around two hours and no prior knowledge is required. The things required for the game is easy to get in any regular store. No boxes or locks required. We recommend to start preparation at least one day before to make it right and the best possible.



For whoever opens the Christmas presents box: your loved one, friends, children or even parents. Recommended for up to 3 players aged 10 and above.



Linear inside escape room with no time limit. Players will need to deal with twelve hidden puzzles one by one in a linear order. Each solved puzzle will let your players open a clue on Christmas Tree. Game will take around one hour to complete.



Once you have the instructions you can replay this game any time you want.

What do people say?
10 / 10 atreB
My family was really having fun while searching for clues all over the house.
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