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4.99 €
4.99 €



One of your friend is possessed and you don't know which one. Your friends will need to solve puzzles, gather the required cleansing items and perform exorcism on your possessed friend. They will have only 90 minutes until possession takes places permanently. Do they have whatever it takes to save their friend ... or maybe even yourself?


Make your Halloween or any other creepy party stand out with this escape room adventure in your own apartment. Turn your entire apartment into a creepy, full of demonic possession escape room with this print and play at home escape room kit. Grant the bloody and horribly amazing night for your friends they will never forget. 



The game is not very hard to set up in a regular room in around three hours. The required items for the game is easy to get in any regular store. We recommend to start preparation at least one day before to make it right and the best possible.


For all Halloween party guests. Recommended size is from 3 to 8 people aged 16 and above.

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