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4.99 €
4.99 €

Game Show - For Two Teams

1 h 30 min

Push your regular game night to a next level with with this Game Show kit. Become the host and make the amazing competition event for two teams. 



Teams will compete in solving puzzles, answering questions, exploring surroundings, taking pictures, performing active challenges and even battling each other at the same time in 60 different activities.


Fully functional

With this macros-enabled PowerPoint presentation you will be able to select different activities, show timers, manage team points, and run fully featured game show from your computer



You will get editable, macros-enabled PowerPoint presentation. You will be able to change everything with ease to fit your game or even expand it or make a new one


Family friendly

Everyone in your family can play and have fun



You fill need to present the PowerPoint presentation on a bigger screen

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